I seem to have a perfectly working Spectra pro 8 but no license shows in dongle or account

I think it was offered as a freebie upgrade from ONE when upgrading to Cubase 11/12. Question is if there’s no visible license how will buying the Spectra 10 upgrade know I have a legit copy of 8 pro to upgrade?

If you never bought SpectraLayers Pro, then you are using the remaining balance of a 25-hour All Applications licence on a USB eLicenser to activate SpectraLayers Pro 8 instead of the SpectraLayers One included in your Cubase licence. An All Applications licence does not work with SpectraLayers 9 or 10, as these versions use Steinberg Licensing.

The All Applications licence carries no update rights for SpectraLayers Pro - if you want SpectraLayers Pro 10 then you will have to buy it at full price. Before proceeding, check exactly what licences you have in eLicenser Control Center.

Thanks, so somewhere it should say how many hours are left, if it’s a trial.