I seemingly muted a project -- don't know how and how to revert this!

I just started a new file, input a few notes, closed the project, opened it again, and now I cannot produce any sound from it. (At least, this is what I think I’ve done.) I rebooted my laptop and tried the various sound output settings in Device Setup. Still nothing. My other projects are playing fine – this problem is unique to this one. I’m completely at a loss as to how I have achieved this. Could anyone take a look? It’s this file: Harrer_SinfoniaD.dorico (413.9 KB)

I’m using Dorico Pro 3.5.12 with the latest NotePerformer. All other files I tried play nicely.

The NotePerformer mixer ‘sees’ the sound:

However, I don’t hear anything…

This started happening randomly with the release of 3.0. The procedure that always
seems to work for me is as follows…

  1. Set Playback Template to Silence.
  2. Save and shutdown Dorico. You must shut down completely, going back to the Hub is not sufficient.
  3. Open Project and reapply Playback Template.

Hope it helps.

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Hi Elwro, you probably soloed the DoricoBeep channel by accident. Open the mixer in Dorico (F3) and make sure no channel has the solo button set.

@Ulf , thank you! I somehow muted the whole Noteperformer. The F3 pointer was crucial! I’m including a screenshot for those who end up in a similar situation…

@Craig_F , thank you too! I will keep this in mind.