I sell Cubase 9 Pro

Hi everyone, reading the forum’s rules I think it’s not forbidden to post selling posts, but if I made a mistake and it’not allowed please delete my post or contact me.

I sell Cubase 9 Pro Full Version + usb e-licenser with license ready to be registered. included license for complete VST instrument Session Guitarist-strummed acoustic 2, it worths 100 euros: https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/guitar/session-guitarist-strummed-acoustic-2/

I sell all at 300 €. For any info, please contact me.

Hi, How much is this in American money,and does Cubase allow used D.A.W.s to be privately bought and sold.Sorry im new to all this, Thanks Rich

Yes you can sell your Cubase software and license. The seller must follow this procedure.


Regards :sunglasses: