I somehow changed my automation display :-(

Hi All -

SX3 here. I was doing some “housekeeping”, changes Preferences, etc.

Before this, in a MIDI track, my automation windows when opened had data written in the volume, aftertouch, and maybe something else I don’t remember.

As part of my changing preferences, I ticked the box with the dialogue something like “Send control changes to automation track”.

Now, when I open the automation windows under my MIDI track I see data for MSB, LSB, program change, etc. I can’t find the volume, aftertouch, etc. data.

So I went back and unchecked that box (the one that said it would send the cc’s to the automation track). Trouble is, I’m still getting the “new” behavior/look, not the old one with just volume sticks and automation.

Can anyone help me learn how to better control what gets displayed down there?

Thanks -

If I am understanding you correctly, “switching back” to normal controller behavior will not affect data that you have already recorded.
Whereas, in the opposite condition, if you had recorded regular MIDI controllers, and you now wanted to change that to automation lanes, you would simply go to the MIDI menu>Functions, and select “Extract MIDI Automation”, there is no equivalent function to do the inverse.
You’d have to do the following…
Solo the MIDI track, set Left and Right Locators, then use the MIDI menu option “Merge MIDI in Loop”. It will include the data that was originally on the automation lanes.

Thanks, Vic France! This is an area at the edge of my understanding, I will take your answer with me to the computer.