I still Cannot Save Plugin Settings

Ok so i asked this question a while ago & never got a satisfactory answer so i thought i would try again.

My problem is that i cannot save any presets for any plugins. Let me explain.
I make adjustments to lets say a waves reverb & i am happy with the settings. Now if i go to save it as a preset i cannot do it. The save option just doesn’t work. I cannot click on it. I have tried various different ways to save & different plug ins all with the same outcome.

Strangely there are no presets showing either to load.

Any ideas? I have done a complete reinstall & no difference

I believe you can only save steinberg’s settings and sound presets. I don’t think you will be able save other manufacturers plugins unless they allow it in the VST. But you can save the project and that will save the settings / adjustments as well…

Since you’re on a Mac, this might help:


I remember this helped me fix a similar issue when trying to save presets in Cubase 8.5 where it would not allow me to save any presets whatsoever. It won’t hurt to try. Good Luck!

Not true as far as I know. I just tried it with U-he Diva and Cubase presets seem to work fine.

There might be some plugins where it doesn’t work though.

I have just done my annual re format of my iMac today & installed everything from scratch inc Cubase.
Would you believe it but everything works great now. I can save anything i like!
So i have no idea what happened but a total clean fresh install on everything inc O SX, Cubase & plugins cured it.
Radical but did the trick.

Is this a Mac Thing?

I believe you should be able to save any Waves preset under the Waves save/load system or Steinbergs system.

I often use both.

It’s not a thing on any o/s as the rest of the thread confirms.
It was most likely a permissions corruption in the o/s that could have been repaired as described in the link Evernote provided.