I still dont like the new mixer

I keep using it. I try to like it, but it’s not happening.

I think this is one of those “jump the shark” things. There is change for the sake of change, but is it any better?


I still don’t like the new mixer.

And I don’t use it.

I still like the new mixer and I use it all the time :sunglasses:

I still don’t like the new mixer and use it all time. Now if we can find someone who likes it and never uses it, we’ll have it covered.

I still don’t even know what the new mixer looks like, so therefore I don’t use it…still.

but the question is, do you like it? If so, we have a contender!!! :laughing:

like the new mixer … tried the old one the other day and in comparison the new one is a lot better. need getting used to but a lot better

I’ll show you mine if you show me yours :astonished:

Maybe YamStein should provide legacy mixer skin options… :ugeek:

Here’s yet another option: I use the new mixer and I don’t know whether I like it!

Honestly, I’ve been so busy trying to learn it, I don’t have the perspective to know whether I like it. I can’t even remember the C6.5 mixer for a mental comparison.

Some stuff I like a lot - Track Versions, and all the viewing options in the MixConsole (Zones, Channel Configs like “show only selected channel”, or “show only channels connected to the selected channel”, etc. Those things are marvelous!

I know by reading the face-palm crowd’s posts I should not like the new MixConsole, but I can’t say I’m actually there.

Oh, I know - I wish my inserts and sends plug-ins said more than just “UAD” - I wish they would display the actual plug-in name: Fairchild 670. Plate 140. etc. It’d be nice just to glance up and see, without having to click.

Considering how long it has been out, (late 2012) guess the ‘new’ mixer is not so ‘new’ anymore.

I only use it for routing mainly.

Any mixing I do is in hardware via SonicCore.

i like it

I started to like it a while ago, really appreciate its possiblities over previous versions. Which does not mean there’s no headroom for improvements! :sunglasses:

I use it everyday, and it doesn’t totally suck.
I don’t like the appearance at all though.
Functionality wise, it is growing on me sort of like a fungus.

I don’t like it and have stopped buying updates because of it.

Same here.

Same here.

Actually, I don’t have very high hopes for the mixer and control room in Cubase 8 either. Please Steinberg, surprise me.

aaaw? what’s wrong with it? :slight_smile:

But then you won’t get any improvements to the audio engine and be stuck on a previous gen. OS.