I still have a problem with importing at diff sample rate!

Please someone help, I got Cubase at default 48k and 24 bit, am importing external audio files at 44.1khz /24 to mix but the playback is messed up! How do I fix this huge problem? I cant get it to play normally!

I dont want to convert to 48k, I have to work at 44.1K
Thanks a lot!

If you just import 44.1 kHz files and there’s nothing in the project yet, just set it to 44.1 kHz. You wouldn’t gain anything from upsampling 44 > 48.

If there are 48 kHz files already, check this setting in preferences:

Cubase will ask you what to do with the files on import and can convert them to 48 kHz.

Thanks MarQs. Exactly, no need to resample, it also creates small artifacts so it shouldnt be done from 44 to 48.
I already went to the open dialogue. i just import without converting. But it plays back at sped up “squeeky” voice type unless I do convert to 48k.

Cubase is set to 48k but how do I make it 44.100 without having to do this soon again? i have a few mixes coming in that were recorded at 44.100. Attached photo.

Thanks so much

You’re welcome!

Click exactly where the samplerate mismatch is orange in your picture > the project dialogue opens up where you can do all kinds of settings (also the samplerate of course).

Thanks, yep true but if I click on there and change sample rate, Cubase will prompt a conversion of the files (which I dont want). Unless I convert sample rate, it wont play back normally.

I suppose I’ll have to get support to deal with this as it is really strange (and annoying). It should play normally.

Ehh, if your project is in 48 and the files you import are 44.1 then you have to convert, unless you want the audio to be played back at the wrong speed. Your files always have to match the samplerate of the project.
And yes samplerate conversion is lossy, but no one is going to be able to hear that, even if you did it 50 times over.

Thanks Peakae, OK, and how do I make my default project page at 41.100 instead? Sample rate seems blocked out in the devices.

I have been explicitly asked not to convert, thats why!

shift-s to open “Project Setup” change the Sample Rate there.

I did, but it turns yellow, as opposed to natural grey. If leave it like that, the problem isnt solved. It only plays normally if I physically reconvert the files.

what audio device are using ?
It should change the sample rate when you change the project sample rate, but i have had a few over the years that did not.
Try open the Device Setup, go to VST Audio System, make sure the correct ASIO driver is selected. If it is, there should be a driver name just beneath “VST Audio System” on the left. If you open that and click on the Control Panel button, it should open your ASIO Driver control panel, where you should be able to set the sample rate to the same as the project.
If you can’t you have to close Cubase, and open this control panel manually, set the sample rate, save , close and then reopen Cubase.
It could be that your soundcard is stuck on 48, that would be my best guess.

Exactly! It all depends to the interface (FIREFACE UFX) ill try to disconnect the “externally clocked” preference in Cubase and see if this time it works. UFX is stuck on 48k and Im not sure how to change that.

Ok Problem solved! It was due to the interface. I unchecked “externally clocked” and now cubase works at 44.100 without problem!

Thank you sooo much for helping out. Appreciated!