I stuck again: Tremolo …

Hello everybody!
I’m stuck again and can’t find a solution in the manual.
How can I create this 12-tone tremolo in a 4/4 bar? See screenshot:
Bildschirmfoto 2023-07-01 um 23.35.36
Is there a straightforward solution?
Thank you all in advance

In the manual, check out Tuplet Tremolos.

Does this help at all?

Wait, I might be wrong. Can’t you just create a duplet and then add a tremolo to it?

I guess the steps would be: Create a tuplet with 2 dotted crotchets in the space of 2 crotchets. Then add the tremolo?

Thank you for your help. Perhaps I am doing everything wrong. The tremolo itself is not the problem. I know how to write tremolo. But I don’t know how to write a 12:8 n-tole tremolo (like in the example I have to arrange).

I just edited my comment above which might help. If not I don’t know sorry!

YES! This works! I just have to add »12« manually but this is not a big thing.

What about if you create a tuplet with 12 quavers in the space of 4, and then force the dotted crotchet duration when inputting notes? Does the “12” appear then?

It’s way easier than that. Invoke the tuplets popover, write 12:12 and the 12 should appear. That trick works for whatever number you want to appear (it does basically nothing, since x:x=1)

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Wouldn’t that be 12:8 tuplets?

Was experimenting with tuplet tremolos. I attach a Dorico file with some explanations (Case A and case B). I switched the ratio showing all the details for better understanding.

In case A you obtain the wanted 12 ratio (12 sixteenth instead of 8) and no dots (somewhere else was discussed that the dots, traditionally added in old scores, are indeed not correct theoretically)
In case B you have the dots but the ratio is 6 (6 sixteenth instead of 4, and again 6 sixteenth instead of 4).
I wonder what the community thinks the correct use of it is. Should the dots be there in the tremolo notation? Is there a possibility to have the dots and the 12 ratio?

(To have the beaming go to the stems I changed the option in Engraving options/Tremolos/Multi note tremolos/all lines join stems).
tuplet tremolos.dorico (553.5 KB)

(It also depend if you want it to play back correctly: eight notes tuplets will playback as eight notes tremolo, but in your case you need a sixteenth note playback, that’s why I choose to write it as sixteenth tuplets.)

Thank you, @Christian_R !
Your comment that dotted half notes are not common any more helped me a lot. So I stopped trying for another 5 hours to force Dorico to write this f***ing dots.

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If you still want to duplicate the tremolos in the score, put two dotted quarters in 3:3e tuplets inside a 12:8x tuplet before applying a two strokes multi-note tremolo. Then hide the inner tuplet numbers and the outer tuplet bracket:


Note that the playback will not be correct.


Thank you @johnkprice
Classy solution!