I suspect Cubase 10.5 is causing my BSOD

I’ve had to reinstall Win10 FOUR times in the last 3 weeks. It runs fine for 3-4 days afterwards until I reinstall Cubase 10.5.

This morning I again got the BSOD after reinstalling Cubase yesterday. Stop code is 0x000021a, which according to Bleeping Computer points to a corruption of the login files. As a security precaution it then won’t even show the login screen.

This time, instead of reinstalling Win 10 for a 5th time, I tried using the Restore Point option, dated 5 days ago. That removed Cubase but left other software such as Steam and some games. So everything is working again for now. I’ll give it some time before trying to reinstall Cubase to see if anything happens.

I found the old thread on this dated 2018 and wasn’t sure if I should revive it, so I’m looking to see if anyone else is currently having this problem.

I was just about to buy the upgrade from 10.5 to 11, but now I think I’ll wait.

Have you tried the Event Viewer in Windows to check the individual error events along the way? You can often find specific information about what has failed there.

Well, there’s a whole page of red “ERROR” for that morning, each one different from the next. I wouldn’t know where to begin.
The very first one: “Windows failed fast startup with error status 0xC0000D4”
That’s when my PC shut itself down several seconds after I turned it on.

I had Cubase 10 since it went on sale some time ago, then I bought the upgrade to 10.5, and it was working just fine for a number of months. Then out of the blue my PC started crashing on startup, about 3 weeks ago. So maybe there was a MS update that is clashing with Cubase, because as I said, I reinstalled Win10 4 times, and each time it crashed after I reinstalled Cubase.

So now, after using Restore Point, my PC is working just fine, but without Cubase.

So, in the event viewer highlight the System tag under Windows Logs and start at the top with time 3:39:09 and read what each entry is in the bottom pane. Look up error codes if given. For instance the error code listed has Windows fast startup listed as a possible cause
Windows Fast Startup Failure
This shows how to turn it off.
Often there will be more detailed info in the pane about a specific process, often including a specific file location. These are valuable as to what specifically is causing your problems. Sometimes those might be system files, so either an update or a roll-back might be indicated, but other times it could be optional software which could be removed.
Pay attention to the specific times and you should mainly investigate the errors that occurred at the specific time your system crashed. Some of those errors can be from Windows settings you disabled and Microsoft is throwing a little tantrum by marking it as an error. For instance I get a lot of “luafv” errors because I’ve disabled the UAC.

Hi St8kout,

I encountered the exact same error. The problem has nothing to do with Cubase. It’s the latest Windows update, that’s the problem. I fixed the problem by stopping updates while waiting for the next Windows update. I was able to recover my computer by restoring Windows to a date where everything was functional and by suspending the updates in Window Update, making sure that they did not install automatically.

There is no need to reinstall everything. Good luck!

Yeah, I suspected it might be a MS update that is clashing with Cubase, but turning off updates is really not a solution for me, especially since I’ve already reinstalled Win10 and it automatically includes updates in the new install. There’s no way to separate them now, especially since this was from some 3 weeks ago.

Besides, with all the recent public hacks going around, now it NOT to time to ignore new updates. Right before the Pipeline hack was made public, both MS and Apple immediately released an update on the same afternoon, and it was for everything; my PC, my Apple watch, ipad, macbook air, and iphone.

Software companies normally coordinate with MS and Apple when there’s an update, and it’s up to the those companies to make adjustments so their programs continue to work. Looks like I’ll have to wait for Steinberg to update Cubase to be compatible with Win10. Given they probably won’t refund the +$500 I spent for Cubase, the ball is in their court, since I can’t use it until something changes.

As Bleeping Computer said, this error code is related to the login security of Windows. So maybe that Steinberg dongle for using Cubase is clashing with Windows security.