I suspect it's the EP that is giving me this error

I recently installed a trial version of the Grand SE and then went and purchased it. My elicense has the soon to expire Trial and my permanent license.

Now when I load projects with The Grand SE in them I get an error during the load cycle about invalid elicense for “AmpSimPro”.

I couldn’t figure out what was causing it but I now suspect it is part of The Grand - The electric piano part of it (even though I have only used the C7 Grand) because the error pop-up appears while Cubase 7 is trying to load Grand SE plug-in.

It is an irritation to say the least. Can anyone give my any insight to this and better yet…how to “fix” it?

I wouldn’t be too quick to suspect TG3. The CP80 doesn’t have any amp simulators, so if you have used another electric piano/guitar such as Neo Soul Keys trial. That may be an error signaling that your license has expired.

Thanks Rane.
I do have the trial of NeoSoul but I bought NeoSoul a few days later and have a license installed. Of course I can’t remove it. Since using C7 I get all kinds of eLicense errors (license not valid) when loading certain projects even though I have valid licenses. Click “OK”, load finishes and plug-in works fine. Maintenance done on eLicense too.