I tested SL6 ARA with Cubase.

SL6 is good but I feel bugs.

  1. Cubase 64bit processing precision has no sound. (known issue. use 32 before fix)

    I tested 44.1kz 32bit float&32bit processing precision on new version of Cubase&Windows.
    Number is annoying ranking.

  2. I checked “Return to Start on Stop” on SL6 (Also checked “Return to Start Position on Stop” on Cubase)
    But Playbar doesn’t come back.
    It’s ok at first, but If I click SL6 & If I stop, Playbar returns to its start position a very short while and then go back to its stop position.

  3. Process>>Imprint… has a lot of problems.
    If “selected Layer” is first loaded layer, problems have come.
    “Cast” process silence all (seems like source is itself) whatever the source is, or process nothing.
    “Mold” just process nothing.
    Last loaded layer works well than others but it always seems to contain first loaded layer whatever the source is.
    Also, throw errors easily.
    I sent 3 CrashDumps.

  4. Sometimes, Undo does not work. (can’t come back before your process…)
    It also happens in standalone, I felt randomly bugs but some of these may be related next bugs.

4,5. I found two similar bug skills.

First is processing multiple silence only use move.
Make a selection and click “move” or press shortcut for “move”
Next, Just Play&Move multiple times during play.

Second is multiple overlapping without any history.
Make a selection and click “move” or press shortcut for “move”
Next, Just click multiple times anywhere on spectrogram except a selection.(and then play)

If I combine two bugs(multiple clicks during play)
Multiple silence without history!

I made this with two bugs.
Standalone version looks like more complex.
6. Select Layers in panel recognize audio that only last clicked in Cubase when play.
It means, I click AudioA on Cubase and then I click AudioB on SL6 Layers Panel.
AudioB is selected. But If I play. SL6 selects AudioA Layer by force!
Now I can edit by mistake.

  1. Mute&Solo(Layers&Channels) are not working.
    Spectrogram change but no sound change.

  2. Cubase Audio Info Line’s Fade-in/out , Volume , Invert Phase are not working.

  3. Display panel doesn’t save.

  4. Cubase lanes can play multiple audio with SL6 now. (wow!)

Thanks for finding and reporting these issues !

  1. Indeed. Will be fixed in the second patch (not the first patch).

2,3,4,5. Fixed in the first patch coming next week.

  1. Will check what happens internally.

  2. Intended : Mute&Solo in SL only affects local playback - that is, when you use SL’s playback tool (bottom of the tools list), or summon it with CTRL+click (Windows) / CMD+click (Mac), or double-clicking SL’s timeline

  3. Cubase choice, but it might be by design (ARA plugins needs to access and work with raw source audio).

  4. Intended, but could be added to project saving in the future.

Thank you for reply!
I thought, I was deleted my post.(sent contact instead)
But post still alive?
Well, picture reupload.

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