I think i do not understand how to record audio from a vst...

Hello friends of Cubase!
I want to record audio from different instruments (trumpet, trombone, tuba) of het VST Vienna Ensemble, on different audio tracks. But i cann’t…
I followed the instructions of the video of Greg Ondo (How to record Audio and Midi from VST instruments in Cubase).
I have:
-Instrument track Vienna Ensemble, 4 midi tracks (for the different instruments) and routed to the Instrument track Vienna Ensemble. I added a group channel track. And i added 4 audio tracks. As input for these audio channels i choosed the Group channel bus. And for the output i choosed Stereo Out.

But there is not audio going tot the audio tracks.
What am i doing wrong? Anyone knows?

With Cubase Pro the easiest way IMHO is just to Render the instruments to Audio.

Select the tracks, Edit/Render (choose the settings as required). Click OK.