I think I forgot my account

I think I forgot my account.

I think I registered the Cubase 10elements version with this account, but I don’t have it. I have to change the computer and download again, but I can’t.

Hi! Without any trace of the license or the order, there is unfortunately nothing I can do.
Do you still have the original activation code? Did you purchase at our online shop or somewhere else?

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bought online. Online transaction history is old and hard to find, and I have the code that came by courier. I want to use Cubase, can I solve it?

If it was another email address than the one used here, please send a private message so I can try again to find an order.

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Hi Ed
I have the same issue that I forgot which email I used for registration but I still have the invoice and serials of my Nuendo 8 which I bought from Asknet in 2018. And I can tell you the information you might need like eLicenser’s number.
Would you mind help me solve this problem?
Thank you.

Please send a PM containing the details you have, @Corey_Zeya.

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PM sent. Please kindly check it. Thank you so much.