I think I found a bug in 9.5, still persisting on Cubase 10?

The way I found to make layering synths is:

1 VST 1 (e.g Massive) / (one octave lower in MIDI modifiers /transposition)

2 VST 2 (e.g sylenth1) / (one octave higher in MIDI modifiers /transposition)

3 open MIDI track and there go to MIDI Sends and search and activate in one box VST1 <Massive and below VST2 <Sylenth1

4 record the melody in the MIDI track and the sound of VST 1 and VST 2 will be sounding at the same time.

The bug I think I found concerns to transposition, since as I said VST 1 is an octave lower and VST 2 is an octave higher, but in MIDI events of the MIDI track there is no affectation in the sound, and both VSTs sound in the same octave.

Is this normal? exist an explanation? or am I missing something?


This is as specified. It has to be like this. The Modifiers are applied in real-time. The modifiers don’t change written data.

oh I see… is there any other trick to get done the task?


If you want to change the MIDI data, you can either use MIDI Input Transformer or use MIDI Insert (MIDI Modifiers), where you can enable Record Output to Track.

Not sure about it but would Write Automation option on not work ?

Hi Martin, I got confused with this… is not what Ive just said before I did?

If I am right then is not working… but if I am wrong, I would appreciate a lot if you could explain me a bit more


Sorry, I was wrong…

This Record Output to Track function works only for the incoming MIDI data (I mean from the MIDI Input). It doesn’t work for the data streamed from the MIDI track itself.

So one more try. :wink: To make the MIDI Modifiers permanent and “print” them to the MIDI track, use MIDI > Freeze MIDI Modifiers function, please.