I think I located the first problem

In light of the new Belgian Beer Pipeline. . .

I’d like to know what sort of delay we can expect with the Dorico Q4 release date.

Are we now possibly looking at a 2017 Q1 timeframe? or perhaps even later??


Unfortunately I don’t think the Belgian beer pipeline reaches as far as London just yet, so if we’re looking for an excuse for missing our dates, we’ll need a different one…

This link seems to point to MY post where I asked for the possible release date.

I just want to say that I have come to know Daniel over the years (by his online personality) and found him to be a very credible person! I’m not sure if I am referred to as the “the Belgian Beer Pipeline”, but I’m absolutely convinced that Daniel will always keep us in the loop…even if Steinberg DO extend the release date. I’d rather want to know the truth than to second-guess Steinberg’s statements.

‘I’m not sure if I am referred to as the “the Belgian Beer Pipeline”…’

Probably not. And I rather assumed you were an Afrikaner, not Belgian. (I believe Afrikaners are descended from Dutch settlers.) Try this: