I think I solved my Cubase crashes

I have been having a constant problem of Cubase glitching out and quitting on me. I have tried all sorts of things but may have found the solution so I’m sharing just in case it helps others.

In the E-licenser control centre, which I keep updated , I found an option to clear the memory or the cache or something. I had not used this option before, and this appears to have solved my issue as I haven’t had a crash since. I had previously had Cubase installed on my old laptop so maybe it had something leftover from then that was messing it up.

I’ve had a couple of long trouble free sessions since so hopefully I don’t have to eat my words!

great news. I feel your pain! I haven’t had any issues since Cubase 10.0 myself but the feeling of thinking my DAW is gonna crash soon isn’t the best