I think I'll leave it for a bit!

Love the idea of auto audio alignment, the enhancements to variaudio look useful, the improved Channel strip is great (although it would be better if you could replace individual components with your favourite plugin) and ARA is promised soon. But! Reports of the bad old days of real time audio spikes (which meant 7.5,8 and 8.5 wre effectively lost to me), crashes with Echoboy (I use it on EVERY project!) and softube plugins give me the heebie jeebies! I purposely bought a 6(+HT) core CPU to dodge the MMCSS thread limit - so I’m alright there.

Console snapshots were a Eureka moment in my head until I thought - hang on - I start automating my mix console pretty eary on in every mix - I doubt that console snapshots will save those lanes (someone tell me otherwise) making the feature pretty useless unless I drastically change my workflow.

I think I’ll wait for 10.1 (and ARA!) 9.5 has been the most stable releases to me for years, that’s worth more than a few fancy features. Good luck to the brave early adoptors!