I think it is a bit unnecessary to have 'quick' sizing tool on (comp-stacked) audio track...no?

On cubase, I always felt that, when audio track is closed to ‘one’ (not opening to show lanes = multiple takes), mouse cursor changes to ‘sizing’ function when the cursor is at split point of any waves behind the curtain?

It could be handy, but definitely for vocal tracks that have multiple takes, it is sometimes easy-to-resize by accident?

I know some people would find it handy but!
I feel like,

  1. first, u cannot see what is being moved if audio track is closed*
  2. So what is actually the benefit of it?

I am genuinely curious. I always find it curious… what this tool … used for…?

Anyone who can relate…?

Please teach me when to use, I am not complaining here, just want to know when I can utilize it :slight_smile: