I think Steinberg is facing some major competition.

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Reason with audio recording and “pro” mixer…
Hmmm I haven’t used Reason since version 2, and back then I used it rewired to Cubase because IMO Reason had better synths than you could get as regular vsti’s, but I am going to jump back in now that’s for sure.

If this is as good as it looks, and it might very well be since those swedes are VERY good at programming, I can see myself using Reason6 as my main DAW and using C6 hooked up to it for those small things needed that Reason6 does not support.

IOW completely opposite to how I have used it in the past, hehe

What do you think about this folks, it sure looks good on paper, yes?

All the best, Kim :nerd:

If it comes without a dongle I’m DEFINATELY interested. Thanks for the heads up. :smiley:

I’ve been with Reason from the beginning but I dumped v4 and 5 because the workflow is awful, I’m on v3 again these days. I doubt v6 will be a major improvement. Record is awful and counter-intuitive. Just drawing notes in is a major pain in v4 and 5, getting your work down should ALWAYS be one click or less, not the case in current Reason or Record. My advice? Seek out a demo :sunglasses:

I’ve been using Reason for years, but only as a synth rack rewired to Cubase. I’m currently on v4.
The $169 upgrade price makes it attractive for the additions to the rack and sound libraries,
and I’d like to try out that SSL mixer -
but it’s lack of vst/3rd party plugin support means that it couldn’t become my primary DAW.

Phil, your position as ‘member in good standing’ here at Cnet is finally secure. :laughing:

:laughing: Properllerheads have stopped taking my calls :open_mouth:

Not surprising when you call them that ^^ :mrgreen:

I’ve had Reason for about 10 years. Never really used it much after the 1st 2 years. Lots of Props policies bother me.When an update is released the previous versions are “persona non gratis” at the Props site. The sound libraries are really poor quality all around and refills always seem exciting but sound poor to me. I’m on version 4 of Reason. I remember going to a Props workshop at Guitar Cent and the factory rep said “there will never be audio in Reason”. That was 6 years ago. Then they release Record and tell users you can only update Reason if you buy Record. Then that doesn’t work and they make Reason updates to 5 available but all they are is effects you could get as freeware and a drum synth.Also the “exciting demo” for Record when it first came out was the most difficult thing to download and use.

People criticize Steiny but ,to me, Propellerhead is really a lost company desperate to find a direction. Time has passed Reason by and the addition of Record has a few nice features but was 5 years too late and will never be competition for Cubase. Never.

We had Reason installed on a computer at work many moons ago.
Must have been one of the very first releases.
I poked around with it for a few hours all together …
All I could say was “no”.
The cables at the back was kinda fun but the rest was a mess.
TO ME that program was just not for me.
If somebody get something out of that, good for them! :sunglasses:

Around five years before that I saw this little b/w screen with some Logical Editor on it! :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Reason has its place as a sound generation tool, but as a DAW? umm, no.
No real competition for Cubase, at least not the way I work.

ppfftttt .not for me im afraid ,plugins are not my way ,its either real instruments or nothing , the closet i’ll go with propperllerheads is recycle for the rex files , had it from day one of release but reason …naaaa its killed the music industry and why do i say that ? its made making music or noise in most cases available too anybody and you wonder why you have never made it in the industry ,well these plugin programs readily available CRACKED for nothing on the net are the reason why. any numpty can use them and think they are gods gift and thats the reason why todays electronic music is crap ! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :mrgreen:

real instruments for real people ! #


No, no. Don’t hold back. Say what you think! :open_mouth:
Actually you make a very good point but it must be possible to live with both…

Well, maybe, but I don’t see no reason to make the switch just yet… :wink:

No,it’s not a propper DAW.
It’s aimed to the electronic musician but not to the engineer,composer,arranger AND electronic musician as cubase Is.

Man,thats a really good way to put it.