I think the FR Community needs to reassess and analyze next community priorities

Very good progress with 10.5, I’m excited about the future. The forums at this point, seem a bit dispersed and scattered in terms of FR priorities.

What would be game changer for you to see in version 11? And any workflow suggestions that would benefit everyone (plz refrain from super specific function/command requests that you thought of when stoned at 3am)

-Multi-Track Audio Warp is a big one I’ve seen.

-VST Connections overhaul and new External FX protocol and plugin

1) Really big game changers for everyone:

  • tabbed plugin views
  • volume/pan/insert/sends on track headers
  • Plugin sandboxing (crashed plugins dont crash cubase)

2) Nice to haves or workflow improvements for certain people:

  • Plugin aliases
  • multitrack freeze
  • multitrack free warp
  • movement improvements in the mixer view
  • video export resolution

These are the ones people seem to talk about the most lately. The first points affect main views and their handling and stability, thus every Cubause user could benefit from improvements there.
The other points affect only certain workflows/plugins/tracks (but are still important).

I could personally make do without tabbed plugins, but I would appreciate some better window management protocols or being able to somehow group plugins together into a single rack, almost like a wrapper.

Volume/Pan/etc track headers i’m also pretty impartial on, I’m so accustomed to working within Cubase as it has been and just developed a key command workflow, I doubt it would make any if much difference, I just bring in the bottom mixer to view when I need to utilize that kind of pan management, etc. I generally like Cubases lack of clutter GUI, and the more you add, the smaller everything has to get. I also find GUI changes very, er, anxiety inducing when they happen every version, I’m personally very eager for the GUI to stop changing - ie, I would nearly prefer no change rather than a perceived improvement (apart from updating relic windows)

#2 points I would say imo are much more significant.

just personal 2 cents and I push people to really ask - “is this actually really really needed?”, we need to come to very refined conclusions of what we - absolutely - need, in 11.

My ideal version 11 would look like this:

  1. Overhaul Remote Control of plugins from hardware control surfaces
  2. Overhaul External FX (use a plugin setup where we can select i/o on a per-instance level)
  3. Get rid of the stupid floating title bar on Windows
  4. Move channels in console view
  5. Stereo effects on mono channels
  6. More Smart Tools
  7. Plugin aliases
  8. Tabbed plugin views
  9. Complete ARA integration (respect clip edits, audio to MIDI)
  10. Complete HDPI integration

I applaud the idea, though I feel the responses here will be equally as scattered as the rest of the forum. I agree with many of them, as it so happens. And I also feel that a lot of very important requests don’t make it to the top sometimes because people might not have experience using them on other DAWs and might not get how much of an improvement they are. Here are my top 4 features that I strongly feel would improve the lives of almost every human working on Cubase, in no particular order:

  1. Volume, pan, inserts, sends all available in track headers (totally customizable, too like they are in other DAWs like Pro Tools and Reaper). Why? It’s an immense time-saver that one has to experience to understand. No fussing about with the mouse and clicking multiple times to use these mix features – it’s instant and fast. Every DAW out there except Cubase has, at the very minimum, volume and pan in the track headers, and often more.

  2. Ripple Edit. Why? Again, it’s a truly immense time-saver. And again: Once someone actually uses it they will see.

  3. Multitrack Warping in the Project Page. A game-changer for almost anyone who deals with multitrack audio in Cubase. It’s in all other DAWs for that reason.

  4. Gapless Audio. A game-changer once you’ve experienced it, and it’s also in every other DAW except Cubase at this point, I believe.

For me - ABLETON SESSION PAGE style Clip launch and pattern composition mode would be the game changer.

This is only because I’ve discovered that both Ableton and MASCHINE are a no-go when it comes to using them at all to access big libraries hosted in Vienna Ensemble Pro. Hence I’m really hoop that finally - like MOTU has with DP recently - Steinberg add Ableton Session style options in Cubase.

I’m coming to Cubase 10 really for the “first time” in anger since Atari days - with view to doing big template and orchestral stuff in the future. VEP and all that. I’m currently just really trying to get everything sorted, a workflow and template sorted and settled plus a whole load of ergonomic and tech issues sorted before I can settle down.

Trouble is - I’ve come from the Ableton world. - and frankly miss Ableton a lot. Recently I’ve been exploring and investigating how much orchestral stuff - recently using the Spitfire BBC SO library - can also be done where needed - in Ableton and MASCHINE - AS WELL as in Cubase of course. Frankly not a lot. :frowning:

Clearly I like the pattern way of composing. I’m happy to do “linear” with cubase too.

But getting back to the OP - I’ve found out that basically for large orchestral libraries ( or not so large in my case ) that one hosts in Vienna Ensemble Pro - its a NO GO to attempt to access them from Ableton or MASCHINE. That is - unless one cuts down there VEP instances into separate ones with no more than 16 instruments or channels per VEP instance. This is of course so one lies within the 1 MIDI port and 16 MIDI Channel restrictions one is forced to use in Ableton or MASCHINE since neither of these otherwise useful production tools allow ( far as I can tell ) any MID port other than 1 to be used.

So a Live style SESSION page mode for Cubase would be a game changer feature for me.

Besides the above - I’ve already posted FRs to do with aspects of track folders that I think can make Cubase more workflow friendly.

I do think that it would be a huge game changer if Steinberg were to come out with their own pluging-hosting-server app. similar to Vienna Ensemble Pro.

If Steinberg had a plugin server which “spoke” cubase things could be come so so much more interesting - for example the scope for managing everything in the plugin servers - with track names etc etc automatically accessible and displayed in the Cubase client for example - plus so much potential for more seamless operation regarding articulation - and with VST3 - the potential to have jus the GUI component showing in the Cubase Client MIDI tracks - yet having all the non-GUI guts of each plugin hosted in a server.

in connection with this - were NI to finally come “on board” with VST3 - it might mean that finally one can use KOMPLETE KONTROL on the Client track yet have all the audio guts and processing run in the server.

I think so many huge template using composers would prefer this. Those that is that are Cubase users.

Might do Vienna out of revenue but hey… they had a good run.

Personally I’d also like to see Steinberg do their own 88 Key. controller keyboard specifically designed for running Cubase - and with special focus on orchestral composition requirements - ie buttons etc on the keyboard for visibility options and faders with OLED labels for articulation.


Of course many video editing apps and Ableton for example have had this for a long long time. Really loved when Ableton introduced that stuff.

But I do seem to recall seeing and using something similar to ripple edit in the Cubase editor a few weeks ago. So do check this isnt already a supported feature in Cubase.

oh I forgot.

This is a real biggie for me - coming from Ableton.

Adding the option to audition more than one MIDI note in the piano roll simply by enclosing the notes inside the selection rectangle.

Ableton does this. I realise there’s other ways of auditioning chords - top down. But the Ableton way ( as for so much in editing ) just seems so natural and intuitive. What could be simpler than just to be able to hear every note that a selection rectangle encloses as the rectangle touches each note?

<Monophonic auditioning seems just an arcane relic of bygone days.

Steinberg Server.

What is a Steinberg Server? You’re talking about cloud service?

This would help you make music quick, more productively, and increase your professional capacity and efficiency to do more and better work?

Like VEPro but by Steinberg for Cubendo. Every DAW should have this. One day they will. :ugeek:

AMEN !!! x 10000

The key difference to Steinberg doing this and other DAW makers is that. Steinberg also create and maintain/update the VST3. API. And By leveraging this API to support client-server operation things could become so so much more seamless and ultimately less of a Gian hassle for us Cubase and large library users.

It would involve plugins supporting an enhanced VST3 standard coming in 3 forms: “Standalone”, Client plugin and Server plugin.

Is this sample/VSTi library specific? Who is this benefiting exactly? I don’t have VEPro

No this isnt sample library or VSTi specific.

VE Pro is a server app that hosts any plugin. But chiefly used for plugins like Kontakt that have contain huge sample libraries that would otherwise take ages to load and unload into RAM each time Cubase (or DAW ) projects are opened and closed.

VEP allows all the samples and plugins to be kept permanently in memory OR ON A SEPERATE COMPUTER and ready for use, independent of which DAW project is being used.

SO A Steinberg server would benefit any Cubase user who regularly uses very large track count templates to access a huge number of sample libraries - mostly orchestral.

So I guess in the main - such a feature benefits Cubase users who compose a lot of orchestral type music. Composers who write for the media - film, TV, adverts etc. are typical of this kind of demographic.

Will such technology be necessary as computers continue to grow exponentially more powerful?

Also, how is this different from VST System Link?

My favourite ones, in no particular order:

  • VST Connections overhaul and new External FX protocol and plugin (kind of Studio One’s Pipeline XT).
  • Rename plugins.
  • Stereo effects on mono channels.
  • Volume, pan, inserts, sends all available in track headers.


A big improvement should be made regarding the expression maps editor!

Right now you can not resize the windows, you can not copy lines, you have to retype everything, you can not combine two articulations but have to make a 3rd line of command combining both, etc.

It seems like it has never been redisigned since it was invented. It is a wonderful tool though…

Unfortunately this is now the same as the regular FR forum posts: Lots of different requests and ideas. It’s no one’s fault – it’s just unavoidable given the variety of people here.

The problem is that some of the FRs that will help almost everybody (i.e. aren’t related to any specific type of music or production type/style, but instead are everyday workflow and speed features that transcend all categories and types of projects) often get lost when the Steinberg polls happen. C’est la vie I guess.

Why is this topic in the general Forum Issues section instead of the Cubase Feature Requests subforum, where it really belongs to?

[Edit: some moderator took care of it a moved the thread to the right place. Thanks!]