I think the sound quality during preview is different between Cubase 13 and Cubase 12

I would like to ask those of you who own Cubase v13 and v12.

Does any of you felt the audio quality being different when you simply hit playback on 13?

Specifically the low-mid frequency being weirdly limited, muffled.
But this issue only happens on playback, exporting the audio file won’t be affected it seems.

I had that muffling issue, and ran 2 types of comparison test, just to see the difference. Methods are below.

A. open the exact same project file in both v12 & v13 and played it back.

B. Then created an empty project in both v12&v13, prepared the exact same waveform, pasted it in, and played it back.

As a result, the low frequencies for v13 sounded weaker than in v12.
and I got the impression that as if v13 got a strong limiter being applied by default, but only when you preview the audio.

Now, I would like to hear your opinions, have you had the same issue? There
are few people around but that’s it.
(I do want to believe this is just an occult story or my ears are acting up)

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You can run a test: loopback the output from Cubase and record the playback from each version, then do a null test.

And please post the results.

Just and addendum: Aren’t low-mids “muffled” by nature?