I thought I was one of the lucky ones. Today my big project fails to open on 10.0.10.

Dear Cubase friends,

I have started and have worked for two weeks on a project on Cubase 10. Today I try the open the project that I last worked on, and it won’t open. (Cubase 10.0.10)

Luckily 9.5 opened it!! And I’m back to 9.5 after some time. The first thing that I noticed is that I think it is better looking. They really didn’t have to change the look at all. And yes, this is a stable Cubase!

Anyways, stick to 9.5. No need to be a hero. Just forget about better variaudio editing or resampling etc. Think about things that have been changed for no reason. I really had high hopes for version 10, mostly because 10 is a big number. But they couldn’t deliver it.

I’ll probably stick with 9.5 for a long time, until Cubase 11 or 12 brings good things to the table.

I don’t know how other folks do things, but when I’m opening a file from an old version, e.g. 9.0, in a new release like 10, I make a copy of the project file, rename it ProjectName-10, and work from that.

Sure, if it craps out on me three days later I could lose three days of work, although I can still copy over the raw audio files, but I don’t risk losing the entire project if it can no longer be opened in the old version after saving in the new (which I’ve experienced in the past).

I’ve only worked in a few projects since going to 10 from 9.0 and I do simple rock so my projects won’t be as complex or plugin laden as some of you, but thus far all is well. Still, when dealing with technology, paranoia is your friend. :slight_smile:


I too sometimes can’t open my C10 projects.

At first running the program as Administrator seemed to help, but then it started happening again.

It can take several tries to get into a project. Exasperating, and a big waste of time.

I came over from Sonar and I LOVE Cubase for, among other things, its superior MIDI implementation.

But c’mon…

Cubase 10 hasnt worked in any way reliably. Instant Crashes without dumps. Projects not opening etc… I’m took busy - 9.5.4 all the way,.,.

Aside from updating all your plugins which will take a long time and might cause compatibility issues, you can try some of the workarounds discussed on this thread to increase stablity (none of them are ideal though) https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=286&t=147379 but if enough people comment they might start paying attention and eventually fix these stability issues

I actually like C10 more than C9.5 (which was awesome). After the horrible start (crashing, missing content files and tons of other issues), I decided to re-install EVERYTHING Cubase related. Now, it works like a charm and even faster than C9.5. It was a very rocky start, trust me, I also was thinking “I paid 99 euros FOR THIS?!?” but decided to see it through.

The Soundtoys Microshift trick worked for me! That project loads fine now:)

Love the look of variAudio2 - but am not about to throw away the precious stability I’ve had since 9.5, spent too many years in the wilderness (7.5,8,8.5) of practically unusable releases (for me) due to CPU spikes and/or stability issues. Was about to dump Cubase after 20+ years of support, then 9.5 came along and I became a believer again! I REALLY want ARA for melodyne integration, but 1) it’s not here yet and 2) if 10 is still buggy I’m not going to bother.

??? Can you elaborate?

Without opening any project, I put that plugin as an insert on Control Room. (Monitors/Inserts) And I left it in bypass mode to prevent any processing. Now the project loads in Cubase 10! Whoever found out this weird solution, thanks so much.

Thanks for this suggestion, I will try if I run into further problems.

Interesting. Thanks for sharing. I don’t have notable issues with Cubase 10 (other than features I wish Steinberg would implement), it’s been pretty solid for me, but this is a really bizarre solution and I wonder if the developers could get to the bottom of it for you. Also good to know in case something strange happens to me!