I thought of a feature request

This is actually FOR ME a useful, not trivial feature possibility. Often, when orchestrating multiple parts, I’ll have several (or more) MIDI parts open simultaneously, within the same edit window, so I can see all the various parts and their notes.* Although Cubase doesn’t color them differently – WHICH WOULD BE NICE – they do set the notes of the instrument you’re currently editing in bold, which highlights it against the other parts.

The feature I’d like to see is a option/switch/function to Mute or Solo one or more of the parts from within that edit window… this would help immensely.

Maybe it’s possible to do this now, but I’ve never figured out how.


  • What would be TOTALLY awesome is if someday, all the various parts could be displayed in a rudimentary staff format, at the flick of a button.

This already exists, check the “event colors” drop down menu in the Key Edit windows.

I use the generic remote and a Korg nano kontrol. to do that.

You mean like this? Are you in Cubase 6 or Artist?

Amazing! I just KNEW someone would pop in and tell me ALL these desires of mine were already available! Thank you John! To be honest, I’ve never even opened the score capabilities (I’m on C6)

Who is john?

:blush: :blush: :blush:

LOL – for some reason I glanced at “SteveinChicago” and read it as “JohnOnKeyz” – many apologies. I DO know who you are, trust me. Again, sorry!