I tiny setup suggestion.

When adding a new player I very rarely choose Alpenhorn in F and the chance that I want an instrument from the family that I picked last is significantly larger. I would prefer that Dorico remembers my last choice and point me in that direction.

Great idea; I second that.

Me too!


A resounding +1 from me. The list of subtypes on the right could do the same, or you could set a default for the selection to snap to which overrides the one already in place. Like for horn, I pretty much always want “F (no key sig)” and even when adding eight of them I currently have to scroll to it every time.

When you’re adding eight of them, you should absolutely use the Duplicate Player command after adding the first one.

Just now found out that you can set a keyboard shortcut for that, which indeed makes duplicating players a lot faster. But the point still stands for that initial selection.

With English instrument names, typing Hor in the selection box goes straight to Horn in F.

That is quicker than scrolling through the categories etc.

The keyless version that I’m after is still a bit of a scroll away, through “F Sharp”, “F Sharp No key sig” and “F Sounds 8va Bass Clef”. And in any case, this horn issue was just an (arguably ill-chosen) example to illustrate my support of OP’s feature request, and not the actual problem to be solved…