I tried to write the feel good hit of the summer. Too bad it's fall.

The left and right guitars were my strat into a Goodsell 1x12 combo
Played bass direct into my RME FF 802
Sang all vocals into SM7
My friend Rick Lonow played drums. 4 mics - kick, snare, and two OHs


I don’t think it’s a fail. It pretty “Cool” actually :slight_smile:

That is a cracker. Lovely rhythm and beautifully languid feel. You get a great drum sound with four microphones. Groovy guitars.


Sure appreciate your comments. I’m still tweaking the mix. When I listened to this in my car I had way to much low end and reverb.

very smooth and nice sounding track…

I am pretty sure I listened to this earlier but forgot to comment. I love all your stuff. First and foremost the strat. Listening to this, this is why all of us have to switch to strats. I have one, use it about half the time. Well, if the music doesn’t call for it, like jazz for example, maybe I should drop that stuff. This guitar sounds so good. Maybe we only need music where strats sound good. If it’s good for Jeff Beck, then maybe I should be learning here.

Love the drums. You prove 4 mics is enough. That’s what I use. Same configuration.

And I love your whimsical compositions, they really make so much sense to me. I hate lyrics, except I love yours!

What did I forget to comment on? Bass - can’t make a negative comment. Singing - you sound like a real person. The harmonies are really excellent.

Mix. All the space needed, and no reverb wash over it all that I can hear. Lots to learn here, for me.

So thanks for posting.

Perfect. Loved it. Such a great song, recording and mix. :wink:

Haha! I have always agreed with this, until I fairly recently (I’ve got no excuses) started listening to Robben Ford. I’ve never heard a Tele sound so good - but thing is he can do that with everything he plays: 335, Les Paul, SG, weird custom ones, you name it. I don’t think I’ve heard anybody quite manage what he does in unlocking beautiful sounds from humbuckers, single coils, any configuration Sorry to go off topic. But I still agree this Strat has the beautiful cluck and pop that is the hallmark of that guitar.


Yes, you’re right, it’s really the player! Been listening to the guy Guthrie Trapp who’s a Nashville session guy, always plays a Tele, and makes it fit into basically any style… so now I have to buy one of those. But, iluviluvstrats.

That’s some good music. Thoroughly enjoyed it, and the drums do sound great!

Thanks again for listening.

Another shout out to Guthrie Trapp. He’s an amazingly great guitarist here in Nashville.

Lovely timing and feel across the board. I would add a parallel room reverb to the vocals just to gel them more into the mix (perhaps a “mix-glue” room reverb ++ with most tracks sending to it slightly) also I’d add a bit more cab sound to the bass (parallel version of the track with a bass amp VST), it cuts through lovely on small speakers but lacks weight and warmth on bigger systems. But all these things could be personal taste - I’m certainly not criticising as it’s a cracking track mixed well. Love the drum sound which shows you don’t have to go too mad with mics if you do the basics right.

++ what I often do for a mix-glue reverb (FX send) is pick a short convulsion reverb with a bit of pre-delay (30ms) and hi/lo filter BEFORE the reverb cutting everything below ~300K and above ~10K. I then mix it in until you miss it when you mute it - but before it becomes obvious. This can really gel a mix making everything sound like it’s in the same space. I usually send everything except kick drum and bass, unless I have a copy of the bass track hi-passed and saturated to add attack - this would go to the mix-glue too.

Agreed! Great stuff!
Can’t think of anything you could do to make it better, so hats off!


Thanks for the mixing tips. I’ll give them a try.