I uninstalled cubase completely but dowload assistant stilll thinks its there!?

Is there any way to reset the download assistant? I completely uninstalled Cubase as per these instructions https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/206293124-Mac-OS-X-How-to-uninstall-an-application-completely

But the download assistant says install again for everything and the thing is check-marked, this makes it a little confusing. Anyway to go from scratch on that?

“Install Again” re-downloads and re-installs the file.

You can click the arrow icon next to “Install Again” to open the folder where the installer files have been downloaded to, to avoid having to re-download them.

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In windows, there’s a “SDA_downloads.json” file in:
C:\Users[YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Steinberg Download Assistant

If you ensure that the download assistant is closed, remove that file, or rename it - go back in it should clear all those flags.

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I need to find this on Mac if anyone knows?

I understand but i purposely removed everything to start fresh, it’s just weird it’s showing this way and harder for me to follow what I’m re doing.

Just file search for “SDA_downloads.json” on your mac, will soon find where it is i’m sure.

i did no luck may be different on mac. thank you

If you go to your ~/Library folder on mac, it will be in there somewhere if you look for folders that have Steinberg in their names. Most likely to be in the ~/Library/Application Support folder.

I expect the file search you’re doing is not showing system files.

/Users/YOUR USER NAME/Application Support/Steinberg/Download Assistant

I use an app called Easy Find to find any files on my Mac BTW

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I did erase this when i did the full uninstall so its a little confusing still thank you though.