I updated Cubase from 6 to 9.5, will the dongle still work with both versions

Hi all,

I have used Cubase 6 for years, but it was time for me to update on my new laptop. My current studio machine still has Cubase 6 and I would like to be able to use both Cubase 6 in my studio, but also Cubase 9.5 on my laptop using the same dongle.

I purchased the upgrade license and have upgraded my dongle so it now says Cubase 9.5 in eLicenser. However, I’m now a bit worried about my studio setup not working properly anymore, since I upgraded the dongle.

Two questions:

  1. Can I use both versions?
  2. How could I downgrade dongle back to Cubase 6 (studio machine has higher priority than laptop at the moment).

The new license will still let you use version 6 (and earlier versions too). I have versions 6,8 & 9 on one machine and all will run just fine on my 9.5 license.

  1. yes, you can.

  2. no need to “downgrade”. Your 9.5 license will work to run Cubase 6 or 6.5 version too.

You‘ ll probably need to update the eLicenser software or -database on your Studio computer, otherwise the C 9.5 license might not be recognized.