I Urge EVERYBODY with overload problems to check this!!

Hi All

I’m not one for a statement like the subject above BUT!!. So I have recently been having quite a few problems which seemed to coincide with the release of Cubase 7.5.3. At the same time lots of others on this Forum have had (what I am sure were very real) problems with that update, mainly concerned with sync issues causing overloads etc. However alongside all this I had been experiencing the occasional BSOD (once a week or so). It also puzzled me that the overload problems got worse as time went on (which others had also mentioned) so I reverted to 7.5.2 . The problem got better then got worse again, nothing to do with Cubase perhaps?? So today another BSOD occurred and I decided to check the cooling on my CPU (I’d had a problem on my other machine, the one I’m typing this on, a while back), I opened up the casing to find that the CPU fan filter, was completely blocked by what had become a blanket of dust! (OK I’m in Africa so it’s worse,but,). I pulled out the CPU fan and cleaned it, added some new “Thermo” cream that has to go between the CPU and the heatsink, and put it back together again. It made a HUGE difference!!! And I’m sitting here looking at the studio machine with the ASIO meter not even off zero, which hasn’t happened for a while. I really do feel that we should ALL check the CPU cooling every so often, it may save a lot of agony, here’s hoping!!!

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PS It might be worth even those without problems checking it out to improve system longevity

I will check this out man. Thanks.

However, I just find it strange that I never had any problems until 7.5.3…then, the bottom fell out of it. Its a little disconcerting that Steinberg have not worked on this to be honest. And the silence on this is deafening.

Oh well, I’m off to Twitter…usually get a response from companies when it gets out there in the open for future costumers to see.

Aloha Dave, and great idea!

Not easy to do on some Macs but an occasional thourogh cleaning
is always a good move!

Sending much Aloha!

Awesome point - in fact some vendors recommend re-applying the thermal paste every couple years. Apparently continued stress can literally dry it out.

The more I think about it and try different solutions, the more this issue for me seems like a memory leak via Cubase.

Had my machine open recently - same thing, pretty dusty on the cooler. Had no problems whatsoever but it’s always nice to be a good housewife :sunglasses:

Yeah for sure :slight_smile: I know what you’re talking about exactly, I was having lots of overload issues but resolved it by cleaning my PC, definitely works!