I use cubase 10.5 and bedringer x32 compact and as a sound module roland integra 7

would like to record a multi track with a band simultaneously on different tracks but can only record 1 track at a time,what am I doing wrong?

You need to go into Audio Connections (F4) and setup your input and output ports. This might take some back and forth reading the X32’s book. (I say that because in Soundcraft’s Ui24 for example, the first channel to come out is output port 11. Ports 1-10 are the stereo out and 4 aux busses. Maybe something similar is going on with the x32 too.)

So, go into Audio Connections, set up your 32 inputs as you must, then save them as a preset in case you want to recall them quickly.

How is the Integra hooked up?

thank you very much first go and figure out how to record in midi multi track with 2 different midi keyboards at the same time i haven’t managed that yet.
cubase 10.5 and bedringer x32 and roland intergra 7

with this Behringer X-LIVE Expansion Card expansion card for X32 =can I record with different tracks in the same time in cubase