I used the new elicenser to put 11.2 on my mac but its deactivated my 9.5 licence

I am running a PC with 9.5 on the dongle. I put my upgrade for 11.2 on my mac and this has deauthorised the 9.5 version on the dongle.
This is a massive problem for me as I am using the PC ( running win7 ) to finish off a big project before I retire the machine. I only put the newest version on the mac to play with it and see what’s new . I’m not actually bothered about having it on the mac at the moment and will only be using it seriously after I’ve finished the project on the PC. The 11.2 version won’t work on my windows 7 machine and I’m very loathe to install anything on it at the moment anyway.
Please help.

I don’t think so. What happens if you start the 9.5 with the dongle plugged in?
I can use my dongle on older versions as it was before.
Only Wavelab 11.1 has changed its behaviour.

Did you do a maintenance on the dongle?
Updated the dongle software to the latest version?

It says "there is no license for this product "

Did you do the maintenance? Is the eLicenser Control Center up to date?

You should see something like this.


If you did the update, you can use all versions up to 11 with the dongle.

The dongle should be ‘agnostic’ particularly if you have not upgraded the Windows machine.

I remember coming across this from time to time with my old W7 machine (WL dongle and Weiss Sacacon Aladdin dongle)

Check if the dongle’s ‘red light’ is on. If it’s not, the license will not show.

So try unplugging the dongle, restart the machine. Insert the dongle in a different USB

See if that works.

As part of the Wavelab Pro 11.1 upgrade (which uses the new Steinberg Licensing system), the Wavelab 9.5 license in your eLicenser dongle has been upgraded to Wavelab Pro 11, the last version to only support the dongle.

On very old systems, the eLicenser database must be updated manually in order for the eLicenser Control Center to be able to “see” your upgraded Wavelab Pro 11 license. This will allow you to run all previous eLicenser-based versions of Wavelab.

Please follow these instructions carefully:

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As I understand it, the dongle was not plugged into the mac when the 11,2 upgrade was made so it should be as it was license wise before the mac upgrade.

Without the dongle, the update is not possible. There is no license to update.

I can say that the upgrade on my machine from 11 to 11.2 did not require a dongle.

11.1 introduced Steinberg licensing to Wavelab.
So the update to 11.1 has used the dongle to update to 11.1 with Steinberg licensing.
After that, the dongle is not required anymore.