I’ve seriously been sleeping on Halion SE. Did not realise how good that synth is

Hello everyone,

I would go so far as to say that for me it produces results on a par with vsts like massive and logics alchemy.

Literally hardly ever touched it before but this really is cubases equivalent of logics alchemy. It’s one meaty motherfcuker of a synth. And it’s built in. Cubase really is a treasure trove of inbuilt goodness.

Which synth? Halion SE is a container

Ok so this is how its done from the start,…

@RonanTobias Sonic SE is like @Lovegames said a player just like Kontakt
it holds libraries of instruments that can be purchased on the Steinbergs site and there is a few for free. The good thing about Sonic SE is you can do more with your libraries than in Kontakt in other words SE has more under the hood and when you get to play with sonic 3 well it is a powerful bit of kit then lol if you get to play with big brother or sister whichever you prefer, Halion 6 is badass because it can produce the instruments with full customizable GUI’s for the end user just like Kontakt.