I wanna get rid of VST and Media Bay

Got a new Cubase recently. I was working with Cubase 5 before and was happy with it as I considered that good music happens in a front of a microphone (good singer good musicien) you know what I mean If Adele sings in front of your microphone its gonna be very good… maybe not your niece right? With the same mic, the same song and the same Cubase. Allright so my point is that I was perfectly happy with Cubase 5 coz I recorded GOOD artist with it. Now I got Cubase 8. I love it generally speaking I love the mixer especially. But ONE thing bother me its the MEDIA BAY and VST that we got on the right side. Can I get rid of it??? I got Kontakt and many VST but I dont want half a screen to remind me that . I know perfectly well what I got… I want to be in a clean and SIMPLE view on my monitor… for me complication is only to find the budget to hire good musicien and good singer not to have the media bay in my face all day long You got the idea? Of course everyone got is own way of working thats mine ! Thanks for your help to get rid of this bugger

To close mediabay just go to media>mediabay and click on it. Then adjust whatever screens you need to show on an ongoing basis and save that as a workspace if you want. You don’t have to do that though because Cubase will remember your last setting if you tell it to do that in the file>preferences>general. Under the “open projects in last used view” set it to “always”. You can also search your operation manual using the words “mediabay” and workspace" as search terms for more information.

Be aware that the mixconsole can not be set to “always on top”. That is an issue for some of us and has been submitted as a feature request to bring the “always on top” setting back.

Good luck. Cubase rocks :wink:

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Click on the Set up Window Layout button, and untick Racks.

Poor man, so busy with Adele so he’s got no spare time to read the manual or watch a tutorial about his new staff. :smiley:

1- Thanks for the one that helped me cure my problem. I appreciate good support we are here to help each other, we can learn a lot from experienced users

2- I am not busy with Adele it was an example of a great signer (pick your favorite my point is the same) This message is for to songwriters especially. So… you are very demanding, your computer is powerfull, 7 cores, 32 gig of ram min, you got all the soundbank and library in the world. To create your strings you are demanding you combine Symphobia, Cinematic strings, LASS, and Halion airy pad :wink: You spent hours as you are very demanding to create your own patches. For the piano you are very demanding you got Ivory it sounds like a real one. But youre a pro you need the best. For the bass you got the Trilian, youare very demanding and realised that some Scarbee bass sound were out of tune. For the drums you got it all here you spend 75% of your time. Maybe it doesnt sound like a real one but it sound modern with subbass you are very demanding, man you deserve the best your speaker are shaking when you put this Rop Papen big bad Boom on the top of your 7 bass drum and if you add the Big Punch compresser with wave man… Youre demanding. Ok now its time to put a vocal on it. Why do you use your old friend Jimmy who sounds like s–it??? Or the girl next door? Or that old uncle Sammy whose only experience in showbizz consist of singing karaoke and get drunk every morning before he returns on his day time job he hates monday morn with a headache? Do you realise that the MAJORITY of ht songs are done by GREAT singers. Name it… its always been the case since Elvis… to the Beatles…to Led Zeppelin(while you concentrate on playing a riff that sounds like Jimmy Page yes but with you singing out of tune on it … even Melodyne cannot correct you… you are far away from led Zeppelin my friend) Eeven Lady Gaga is a very good signers and Rihanna and Adele and name it they are all great Bono STings etc… So the question is why arent you as much demanding on the singer choice that your Omnisphere??? Why so you spend more time on Rob Papen puch product and zero time to find a punchy singers? I had to say it coz all my friends are like that and when I read this Forum I recognise that handicapped attitude… the best sounds in the world and no good signers. THATS THE MORE IMPORTANT TRACK GUYS !!! THE VOICE !!! WAKE UP ! (I hope this message will wake up many of you) Thanks

Very, very good point Modest-Expert. I would say that every one does what one can and wants. And there’s no need to shout out “wake up” to anybody. :wink:

I must confess, I did not read all of your post, I sort of phased out. But could you not have just asked “how do you get rid of the docked instrument rack?”.

Wow! Didn’t see this one coming… :open_mouth:

Yes I wanted to make a point here But thats all I had to say about it … and I wont repeat Bye

On Win 10 its either CNTRL + T or ALT + T (can’t remember off-hand) but that hides it fast.

Thanks So No music

Good thread. Except for “adele”. I think there is only one single song of her where she screams around and this one has bin cut into multiple pieces that are now sold as different Songs. What a world. What a Hype.