I want a big display of the current quantize value, what's the simple way to do that ? (touch osc ?)

Hello, I have a small 15 inch monitor on top of my main monitor. I want to display there the current quantize value of my grid in a huge size. I don’t like to look for the current value that’s on the top horizontal bar, I’d rather have something big displaying this setting from far away when I am playing the keyboard etc.

Should I setup a local touch osc just for that ? Can it receive the current value from cubase ? With what protocol ? Thanks

I’m not sure I fully understand your question. It sounds like you are really asking 2 different things.

  1. How to display the current setting on the 2nd monitor? I’d set it up as a regular Windows multi-monitor with the Desktop extended across the screens. Put a window which shows the Quantize Setting on the small Monitor and adjust the Monitor’s magnification in Windows to make it bigger. Then save as a Workspace.

  2. How to remotely change the Quantize Setting? While there are a bunch of different options, probably the easiest is to put Cubase IC Pro on your phone or tablet. Currently it’s on sale.

I am already changing the setting with my streamdeck

But I would like a bigger visual feedback

I just tried, but my 15 inch screen that can contain the quantize panel is already maxed at 175% windows magnification. It’s still not want I want

I would love a big bulky box with a huge number on it