I Want a MOVABLE time marker track.

So I can measure precisely how long a recording is without having to export it.

This happens a lot in large sessions containing a movie soundtrack or multiple songs recorded in a row.
People always ask me how long song 3 is… and I have to make approximate math to give an answer.

Granted… I could also just be good at mental calculations. Ok. But…


I often want to know the duration of a section and, even with a calculator, time arithmetic is not easy.

Would be simple if we could have adjustable rulers. Simply have a ruler per song/section and move its “zero” value to the beginning of the song/section.


When getting feedback on mixes clients often state “at 2:18”
It would be so much easier if you would be able to align the time track!


I don’t know what is the point of rulertracks if you can’t adjust them to fit your needs. I mean, we already have the main ruler!

Wouldn’t it be even nicer and easier to have a switch were you can display minutes and seconds on the markers/cycles you already have?
When recording/mixing/mastering a song or some sections I always draw a cycle marker above them which then can be exported. In this case you would not need an extra track type like your “time marker track”.
And as somebody already stated it would be very comfortable to check for issues when a client say i.e. at 2:18 there is a pop/click.