I want a shorcut to open each editor. Help !


I want a shorcut to open each editor (key, drums, etc.) and I can not find.
Or how to create them, of course.
I also have a Euphonix MC (Eucon) transport, but I do not.
Stupid day for me … Help ! :blush:

P.S. Please exclude the workspace solution.

You used to be able to simply hit ALT and it would expose all the default Key Commands for each menu in Cubase.

Thank you, emotive, but I do not understand. :blush: This is perhaps my English. I click “Alt” to see shorcuts? How do I window Alt? What page in the manual? Thank you for your patience. I shall laugh myself when I have found.

The previous response assumed you were on Windows.

In any case the key commands are in the menu. Click on the MIDI menu and you will see the key commands you are asking about.

You can also go into key commands and create them.

ça marche pour toi?

I am on Windows, apologies if this was Mac specific.

In the past you were able to simply open Cubase and hold ALT and then use the arrow keys to find all of the default key command settings for Cubase.

Now if you have show tips turned on in General Prefs the the little tip boxes pop up and give that info. The OP was asking about menu items.

Merci Steve. Je suis en windows 7.
I created more than 30 shorcuts far, so I know how. The problem lies elsewhere. When I open the menu and I’ll editors, there is no shorcut to indicated. There for many items, but not for editors.

Ok guys, I got it. When a new configuration is selected, the menus display the new shorcuts. I had to do a Clean All … then the result was a clean … all! I did not know that it also brain washed! Thank you!

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Well, emotive, steve, please, when you have the time: your shorcut or your function to return to the project window WITHOUT CLOSE editor(s)?

Key command ‘Bring to Front’ (en avant)

Could you outline this process please as I have a great deal of trouble around this issue (particularly since SB have removed the functionality as previously outlined).

The process? You go to Shortcuts. Do not forget to save your configuration, with the right menu. Then you choose from the dropdown menu: Cubase classic Key command. Then your menus show the basic shortcuts.

Super. Merci.

I appear to be having difficulty :blush:

Would you be so kind as to include a screen shot here, as I have absolutely no idea what you are referring to and I desperately need this functionality since my neck is killing me! :cry:

emotive, he simply went to Key Commands and loaded a preset.


So what I am asking about has been removed, then?

I have no idea what you are talking about.

In previous versions you used to be able to hit ALT and use the arrow keys to move around the menus, while at the same time any shortcuts that were assigned either by default or by the user were shown.

That is a Windows OS function, not a Cubase function. But I think you knew that, didn’t you?