I want cubase 12 to 11

i want back to cubase 11
please help me

You can easily install 11 alongside 12, just install it with the Steinberg Download Manager. You need the dongle, of course.

I did that but asking for license is not working.

You had a license for Cubase 11 and upgraded to 12? And now want to use Cubase 11 (or older)? Is that correct?

No, I’m new purchase cubase 12 license

But I want use cubase 11 with usb elicenser

Well, the Cubase 12 license with the new system cannot be used for older versions obviously. As you did not have an eLicenser-based license before, I suppose you are not able to use them. I do not recall any communication regarding new C12 users beeing entitled to receiving an eLicenser-license for C11 and find it unlikely, especially as the old eLicenser system is phased out.


Please help me sir I really love cubase 11 better than cubase 12

I don’t need that cubase 12

It makes no sense that you want to “go back” to C11, yet never owned a license(?!).

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Many software companies allow access to older versions, so to me, it does make sense.
Unfortunately there is disconnect between Steinberg’s two licensing models, so in this case, I do not believe you can.

Remember you can install SX3 for the purpose of converting old .arr/.all files. At least if you have an eLicenser license.

Oh it’s not the concept of buying C12 gives you access to previous versions that doesn’t make sense.

It’s more the fact that the OP has been using Cubase 11 , but never had a user license for it. Somewhere along the line a dongle must’ve been used, unless it was a non-legit version.

If they can get access to that dongle then it’s the answer in this case.

Thanks for your help I will leave Cubase and switch to Studio One 5.
Thank you steinberg

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Maybe you could contact official Cubase support (which is not this forum) to see how they might help you.

I’d think they would help you use c11 since you bought c12.

Just a word of warning, you can’t sell your Cubase 12 license yet as Steinberg hasn’t made that process available to us. So I would very much recommend contacting support to see what they can do for you.

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I have dongle but not license
Sorry my mistake
Thanks to your help
But I will trying studio one 5.5

I hate to nitpick, but OP didn’t actually say they ever used Cubase 11.
But I guess it doesn’t matter at this point. :slight_smile:

So what do I have to do to talk to them?

You will be greatly favored. If my Cubase 11 is activated.

Not sure what country you’re in, but contact methods are here:

Sometimes you can be lucky and a member of staff reads here, but don’t rely on that to happen.