I Want it NOW!!!!!

I ordered C6 from Steinberg on Friday … It’s Monday already … where is it!!! Don’t they know I’m DYING here!!!

:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Wot part of de world you in Al?


May It Arrive Soooooon!

Best wishes

San Antonio, TX … 3rd rock from the sun! Just at the southern end of the great frozen tundra that starts up in your neck of the woods, I believe!

I hope it doesn’t have to “clear customs” from Steinland first …

Thanks, Glyn! … I better cut back on the caffeine until I get it, the excitement is making my heart race without it! :smiley:

It should ship from the US I would think, you ordered online I take it… wouldn’t they just pass the order over Stateside?

Still a little snowy up at my place, but its going soon…

Girls in bikinis already down here … gotta love it!

Here too, 'cept more “static cling” :wink: :laughing:

:laughing: :laughing:

Love that word. as in: ‘angle of the’

The ankle that dangles?

“Ad hominem augmentum … e pluribus harmonium … legatum librium … stilletum disciplinum … A-MEN.”

Thank you, brother, and may it serve you well!

(I forget what movie that was from, but I’m sure I must have liked it a lot!)

chocolate covered carrot stick

NOW you’re talking! :unamused:

“Your Steinberg product, C6 upgrade, has shipped …”


From California, so it shouldn’t take too long.


Your old studio chair worn out then :slight_smile:

Paul W wrote

Your old studio chair worn out then > :slight_smile:

Sometimes you’re just too enigmatic Paul, I admit to being totally baffled by that comment/question. You’re not doing a “brains” are you? Post-count and all that? :confused: :slight_smile: