I Want The CC121 To Follow Mixer Visibility

And NOT the project page.

Now this is tied to whatever tracks you have visible on the project page. Ain’t that backwards? It’s after all a mixing tool (mixing channel) :confused:

I wish we could choose the CC121 to follow the mixer visibility. Synced with the project page or not.

PS. My hopes are not very high for the support on the CC121, I must say.


No one else?


I am one of you!


A Long time request,or option to switch quickly to folow project or mixer… Not too much hope here too unfortunately yamaha/steiny do a feautre request/update for cc121

In Reaper you can select whether the channel selector (on the CC121) shall follow the mixer, or the tracks in the project window :astonished:

Please Steinberg, PLEASE :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

Its really dissapointing from steinberg side…! cc121 is almost unuseful cuz of this… its a mess working with 121 and MC ¡¡
please improve it!

Even the Faderport are following the mixer.

Maybe because it IS a mixer channel, not unlike the… CC121 :unamused:


I would like to select what it should follow.


… Like in Reaper :wink:
There, in the CC121/Controller prefs, we can choose to follow the mixer or the project page track lists (this goes for the Faderport as well).
Yes, there are a CC121 hack for Reaper :slight_smile:

Why is it so hard for Steinberg? Even with their own product?

It is a steinberg branded yamaha product. Yamaha is not a software company. You got what in the box when you buy it. If you want something else you buy something else.

Serious? trolling? or just plain… stu*idious?

You are aware that Yamaha is the owner of Steinberg?

And why shouldn’t they update the CC121 Driver?
Why should they not develope the CC121 Driver in accordance with the newer software upgrades/updates?

Why have PreSonus managed (and are willing to) update their Faderport driver for Cubase/Nuendo?

Its seems yamaha/steiny wont invest any eforts to improve cc121/mr816 Line which came aprox 6 years ago!
During this 6 years thtey had some improvments(aside from driver update/compatibility )
Anyway that was not enough in my opinion and cc121 should be improved a little more,especially this issue where it wont follow Mixer. Its relativly not that cheap peice of hardware for one channel and really needs to be improved. Its even still selling on the market… Sooo…!!
With UR series seems steiny/yamaha do better job as to improvements from the initial release.

Drivers they need to maintain, at least while they are selling the product. I don’t see that they have made any changes in the software part since it was released. And that is typically Japanese business model. Im even quite sure that the software is not made by a yamaha employee, it is a consultant gig. The consultant is gone and nothing will ever happens to the product. And the steinberg people think it sucks (as the seems to think about all hardware for daw control) PreSonus is not Japanese nor a gigantic company as yamaha, they have to take all the market they can. A software driver is small part of the BOM and is a good way to increase volumes.

They definitely made changes to the software since release. THere have been some massive feature expansions for the CC121 that weren’t there at the time of release, like send level control and QC.