I want to buy Olympus Choir Elements。should I choose Full version or Upgrade?

I own a Dorico Pro4 which includes the product Olympus Choir Micro. Now I want to buy Olympus Choir Elements at Olympus Choir: Maximum choral impact | Steinberg, should I choose Full version or Upgrade?

You can choose the upgrade option, as you have Olympus Choir Micro as part of your Dorico Pro/Elements license.

The website could use some updating. It doesn’t list Dorico Pro 4 as upgrade eligible.

I wonder if this is one of the kinks of Steinberg Licensing that is yet to be worked through. Olympus Choir Elements still uses eLicenser, so any upgrade licence on top of Dorico will be looking for an eLicenser version of Dorico. Those who have bought Dorico Pro 4 as an upgrade may still be in luck, as they will have a Dorico Pro 3.5 ‘non-upgradeable’ licence on their eLicenser. Those who bought Dorico Pro 4 outright will not have an eLicenser licence for Dorico 3.5.

I suspect this is yet another situation where @dspreadbury longs for eLicenser to go away! I send my best wishes to all at Steinberg working to refine Steinberg Licensing ready for roll-out to further products.