I want to buy the box Cubase 10.5 version upgrade from 7.5...

I’ve noticed on the Steinberg Site it says immediate download but does Steinberg send the box version upgrade as well?

I mean 21GB is a lot of data to download especially that my connection isnt 5G or broadband.

No, I don’t think you will get a box also.


There are no box versions of upgrades anymore.

Will how the f*** will I be able to download 21gb of data? 5G isnt that popular yet.

You’ll just leave it there dowloading for a day or so.

Don’t worry though, you can pause and resume the download from the Steinberg Download Assistant application, even if your connection is bad, you won’t lose your progress. Just press the button and leave the computer on. It will download eventually. :mrgreen:

Absolutely ridiculous. Roll on 5G.

I don’t have 5G and downloaded it in about 45 minutes.