I want to have Cubase SX3 recognize the Cubase 7.5 USB-eLicenser

I want to restore and convert files from Cubase (probably version 2.0 or earlier) that I used about 30 years ago into the .cpr format.
I created an environment using an emulator to set up a PowerMac with MacOS X Tiger (10.4) and installed Cubase SX3.
Although I obtained the installation media for Cubase SX3, I do not have the license for SX3.
I do have a license for Cubase 7.5, and according to the following page, Cubase SX3 can be used with the Cubase 7.5 license.
“Converting Cubase VST songs (ALL/ARR) into CPR format”
(I can’t post URL, yet.)

Additionally, I updated using the latest eLicenser Control Center on macOS Sonoma 14.5.

The USB-eLicenser is recognized by MacOS X Tiger on the emulator (confirmed via System Profiler).
However, in Cubase SX3 and eLicenser Control Center, it results in a “Connection to protection device lost” error.

What could be causing this issue?
Is the Cubase 7.5 USB-eLicenser not compatible with MacOS X Tiger?
Is the USB-eLicenser too new?


Please, make sure the license database has been updated in the eLicenser to the latest version.

I have already updated to the latest version. It seems there is a compatibility issue between macOS and the emulator (qemu), so I am currently investigating and working on it.

Could you borrow a Windows laptop and install Cubase SX3 on it for the purposes of conversion?

I see, I hadn’t thought of using Windows. That was a blind spot for me. I don’t have a Windows laptop to borrow, but I do have an older Intel Mac, so I’ll try installing Windows on it. Thank you!

If that doesn’t work, you might try using a hypervisor like VMware Fusion to run Windows XP, and install SX3 on that.

Yeah, I was just installing Windows on my Intel Mac using VMware Fusion. For now, I’m installing Windows 11 that I have on hand. I saw online that SX3 can run in XP compatibility mode even on Windows 11…

@ FlyingHog I’m sorry to hear that you’re having difficulties getting Cubase SX3 to launch using a license for Cubase 7.5. Rest assured that it should once you resolve any technical / hardware / software / driver issues. I use a Cubase 7 license that I picked up on eBay specifically to run Cubase SX3 [couldn’t find anyone selling an old SX3 license at the time] on a ‘legacy’ VMWare virtual machine for the sole purpose of converting my old .all and .arr projects to the new .cpr format.

FWIW, I use the latest version of the eLicenser software on my legacy virtual machine and it picks up the USB dongle just fine. You can also download earlier versions if you’re experiencing issues.

Hang in there, you’re on the right track and it will work.

@ FlyingHog Yes, you can run Cubase SX3 in Windows 11 BUT if you want to access older work that uses 32-bit and/or DirectX plugins, you might want to revisit that and either use a separate hardware or virtual machine with a 32-bit operating system such as Windows 10, Windows 7 or Windows XP. At least that was my experience, YMMV.

Thank you for the advice!
It’s very reassuring!

I regret that I threw away my XP installation disk a while ago… I’ll try to find one and give it a shot.

I successfully set up a Windows XP environment on my Intel Mac using VMware Fusion and installed Cubase SX3. The eLicenser is functioning properly, and there seem to be no issues with SX3’s performance. Thank you!

However, another problem has arisen. I’ll create a separate topic for that…