I want to import a perc sample and "play it".

I have a melody that can use a wood block sound. How can I use that block sound and spread it across an octave so that my instrument part with the midi notes plays it? I’ve searched and it seems like others have asked but their questions seem more complicated; I just want to play it.

I have cubase Artist 8.5
usual stuff that came with Cubase

I think I read that Padshop Pro does it but I have the regular one that came with Cubase, I don’t want to pay to upgrade just for that. Is there a better way?


The upgrade to Padshop Pro if you own Cubase is just 9 bucks.

Cubase 9 has the sampler tracker which does exactly what you want to do. With it you can have an instrument ready to play in milliseconds. Very convenient.

found this:

trying now – ok it works. Groove Agent. Nice!

thx for the reply. Still 9 bucks is 9 bucks! lol. I just subscribed to the Serum monthly payment plan so I wanted to do this without paying anything since I feel I already have stuff that should do such a simple thing.

Still Cubase 9 eh?? hmmmm tempting…