I want to loop record and....

Hi, I would like to record my guitar on an 8 bar loop
and record over each take and then see which take is the best.
Is there a way to set up so each new take automatically gets put into a new track version?


No, They each get put in a new Lane. You can dissolve the Lanes into separate Tracks but I’m pretty sure (not at DAW) not into different Versions. You could make duplicate Versions for however many Lanes you have and then in each Version delete all but one Lane - but that would be super tedious.

Why would having each take on a different Version be more useful than different Lanes? What are you trying to achieve - maybe there’s another way to get there.

no, the lanes are perfect. I just discovered that. Thankyou!


Now you need to get into the comping (hand) tool… :wink:

oh wow Comping tool. I had no Idea!

I think your life is about to change for the better… There’s a good tip out there which involves using Parts to saving different comps to. Also don’t forget about Versions. Have a read… :wink:

Assembling the perfect take