I want to reinstall Cubease AI 11 but Download Assistant doesnt allow the usage of my access code

Hi guys,

I just tried to reinstall Cubase AI 11 after a year on my computer. I had it already installed before, but I reinstalled Windows and did a whole new set up on my PC so the program is not installed anymore.

When I entered my access code in the Download Assistant it said “This Download access code has already been used by another user” (or something like that - in German).

But I am using my existing account (from before) in which Cubase AI was already listed as product download as well. What can I do to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance.


Download codes are only used the once, after that it’s registered in your account and the license is stored on a hardware dongle, or software eLicenser.

If you have it on a USB dongle, then you just need to plug that in to the new machine.

If you didn’t use a USB Dongle, then you need to log in to your Steinberg account and reactivate the software eLicenser on to your clean install:

Basically follow the steps on there, and you register the new code via the e-licenser software.