I want to remove the elicenser control center error that appears every time I load it.


Every time you load Cubase, you get a Cubase elicenser control error.

I want to delete this. I want to know the solution.

Send a picture file of the error message. Please note.

(I will update from Cubase 9 to 9.5.
Is it possible to install Cubase 9.5 Full? If so, I want to know if I need to install all plug-ins and virtual instruments. )
cubase elicenser control error message2.PNG
cubase elicenser control error message1.PNG

Please download the latest eLicenser Control Center from here, install it, then press the Maintenance button to the top right of the interface:

Now open Cubase and do the following:

-Click Devices (Renamed to “Studio” in 9.5)
-Go to Plug-in Information (Renamed to “System Component Information” in 9.5)
-Go to the Program Plug-ins tab and uncheck “VST Connect Pro”

When you upgrade from Cubase 9 to 9.5, you’ll be given a link to the Steinberg Download Assistant, which will allow you to download the full Cubase 9.5 installer.

Thanks for the reply.

The Program Plug-ins tab??

I wonder where it(The Program Plug-ins tab) is.

The Program Plug-ins tab was found and the problem was solved.

Your answer was a decisive help.

Thank you very much.

I hope you have a happy day ^^