i want to upgrade to 8.5 not to 9 its possible??

i have now cubase 8.5 artist and i want to upgrade to 8.5 pro and not the new 9 becuse i need my 32bit vsts
i cannot find 8/5 pro on the site anymore
how can i do it ???
please need your help

You can only upgrade to C9pro and then also install C8.5 pro. If they would sell you a 8.5pro upgrade to your artist it would become a C9 once activated because of the grace period!

You can only buy latest versions from Steinberg.

You might find an 8.5 upgrade available from a 3rd party retailer if you’re quick but note that the license will always be updated to the latest version via Grace period. This doesn’t stop you running 8.5 though (or indeed any earlier version)

If you do end up with a C9 license you might also look into Jbridge to run your 32bit vsts. Sooner or later there is bound to be something that you really want to use in a new version so will have to either go all 64bit or find a workaround.

You can just use Cubase 8.5 if you have a license for 9.

ok i bought the cubase pro 9
but now i cannot find the download for cubase 8.5 pro
on my download he only give me cubase 9
and no full 8.5 on stienberg only updates
pleaseeeeeee helpppppp meeeeeee

I don’t see 8.5 in my account either here. Yo may have to go through support to get it. I don’t see it anywhere BTW
I see a lot of 8.5 updates IF you have a 8.0 installed. There should be a link to the 8.5 full installer somewhere

Ill keep looking

on Steinberg site, in Support, Downloads
select product 8.5
you should see downloads - upgrade and full
You’ll need a MySteinberg account I think

You will need Steinberg to send you a link as only the most recent version full installer will be in your account.

I’m sure if any of them sees this they will PM you the link…but it may be worth making an official support request in case they see that first.

my mistake - you need to be on 8.5 licence
there’s a full 7.5 download and you could apply the subsequent update downloads

Have you tried launching your old 8.5 Artist installation since you upgraded your license to 9 Pro?

When I upgraded from Cubase 6 Artist to Cubase 8 Pro I found my previously 6 Artist opened as 6 Pro. Artist and Pro were apparently the same executable file with your license determining what was activated within the program…looking at the upgrade files for 8.5 it looks like they still are?

Aha…this is correct…the Artist and Full version share an installer so as long as you didn’t uninstall Artist it should run as Pro.

Seems a reasonable thing to do for Steinberg to keep 8.5 available as the last 32 bit version