I want to use an Old VST Plug-in on WLPro10

I want to use an old VST Plug-in "Natural Verb( for WL5) on WL10.

It was very easy to use and very natural sound, so I love it.

I want to move it or get a similar One.Please give me some information.

So is the problem that you have an old 32-bit plugin and it doesn’t work in a 64-bit host like the current WaveLab? If so, you can use JBridge to make a wrapper for it.

I note that if you search for it on Google, most of the hits are for cracked copies of it… These, of course, having been hacked are are liable to be unreliable!


First hit I see is from the vendor:

Hi! pwhodges-san and Arjan P-san! Thank you Very much for your advise.

I didn’t know about JBridge at all.
It seems very nice and useful!
I"ll try it soon, and make a report after then. :slight_smile:

I was referring to the named plugin, not JBridge!


I don’t think I’ve ever been called Arjan P-san, thanks gamano_seiichi!

@Paul: OK, that wasn’t really clear. Anyway, I assume the ‘Natural Verb’ plugin is standard part of WL5 (I seem to remember), so if gamano_seiichi has an installed version of WL5 somewhere, the .dll file could be copied to the shared VST-folder of the current install and then used with Jbridge.

Hi! pwhodges-san and Arjan P-san!

Last Sunday,I’ve tried to use JBridge, and 've seemed to success to make 64bit DLL.
But, they didn’t work on my WL10.

Finally,I’ll give up,and search for similar one.

Thank you for your kindness.

Gamano Seiichi

I assume you tried with WaveLab 10.0.40

Bridgewise is an alternative to JBridge, but is not free.