I was 1 month off the grace period

When I bought the package, I suspected that Steinberg was going to come out with a midway update near the time I had bought it… I am not really willing to pay for an update that appears to have more bugs than was fixed, in other words a buggier product! … why do software companies do this? … build a bug ridden product, that has no functional rhyme or reason on intuitional work flow… everything that I’ve done so far in it, has been a struggle of learning how to achieve something and 99% of the creativity time is lost on learning the product. build it solid and it won’t sink, at this rate… with the addition of a ton of new bugs that I am seeing in the forums… have to say, steinberg your going the wrong way
I will not pay a promise to fix it… fix it, let people test it and if it doesn’t turn into a finger cutter… post it for all… a forum is a place that should be nearly without negative feedback, to quite… not a place to vent on a product that is less than 4 months in my production wheel… 600+ dollars should buy me a year of updates, not new production value with holes in it

is there any way this update can be redacted and rerolled as a real patch to this product? otherwise make it free or minimal cost (i.e. 5 - 10 $)… I understand you want to show off new toys, get the base product working then add new toys … not push out new toys over a broken product, it only makes it worst… but what do you care, you got the money of people who thought this a solid product, you have no obligation to them… or wait… no … you do!


Oh my god, I can’t believe those clowns at Steinberg insist that you actually learn how to use their very sophisticated and complex piece of software.

Reminds me of the time I went out to a restaurant and the chef actually wanted me to chew my own food. WTF!

considering I’ve used another product for about 10 years… moving from one product shouldn’t be that hard… and you know… people like you are what makes moving to a new product even harder… complaints shouldn’t be ridiculed they should be helped… WTF have YOU done… ridiculed… thanks for nothing peabrain

It sounds like you are upset? :astonished:

First, I wouldn’t base my personal experiences of any DAW on what forum members report. Some may be true. Some may be false. How about basing your personal experiences of Cubase on how you are using it? How is it inhibiting your work flow? What are you finding difficult base on your struggle where 99% of your time is lost.

Be specific and maybe someone will help you. What you have here is a rant.

Keep in mind Cubase is the most feature-rich DAW by far. That means there are way more features, and it’s not unusual for someone to only use 10% of the Cubase features. Sure you can be an experimenter and dive into every Cubase feature, but if you want to achieve completed tracks, I don’t think that is the way to go.

Another alternative is to try out Logic, Sonar, PT, DP or even the almost free Reaper. Those might be easier to learn but don’t have as many features.

Good luck. Ask specific questions.

yeah… I may be salty… I’ve been around since before computers existed … just really pisses me off that people accept shoddy code to begin with … then pay through the nose to get an update…

Updates are free, upgrades not.
If you got a problem, explain what it is.
Rants are completely useless.
That sums it up I think :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I would call Cubase “a bug ridden product”. Sure there are some bugs, but show me a piece of software, anywhere near the complexity of Cubase, that doesn’t have some bugs.

And just so you know… Cubase 8.5 is running fine here.

edited: I think the OP’s main issue may be he missed the grace period. :smiling_imp:

Then give us an update, nto an upgrade… fix what exists as a problem … not what you think people will buy

This seems pointless. I hope no one will mind if I lock it.