I was ignorant...could you please help ?

It is a long weekend up here in Canada :slight_smile:
Chill day !
Despite ignoring all waves stuff I couldn’t resist to grab soundshifter on a $ 49 special.
Just because I’ve looked at some videos, and the function of graphically edit audio speed changes looked useful.
Long time ago I was a happy user of “Tape Stop” for special effects, but sad it did not get updated to 64 bit.
( I am avoiding SB’s VST bridge at all cost )
Thought this Waves thing would replace it.
BUT I didn’t read the fine print :cry:
Real time pitch only in Nuendo, and the graphical speed mode only comes in PT Audio-suite.

I’m a bit bummed, although I have PT 12.4 also installed, but work 90% in Nuendo.
So…do you guys have a tip for me how to achieve a tape speed variation effect in N7 ??
Yes, I’ve searched but the solutions are all midi/music based.
I worked strictly with audio all my life. ( if needed … composers with that setup are hired in )

So…audio based tape speed like automated control in Nuendo ??
What solution/s do I have ?

It would be much appreciated !

I use Vengeance TapeStop.


iZotope Vinyl (free) not sure about automation
The Nuendo pitch driver plugin (just pitch, no speed)
Nuendo’s pitch shift (offline) allows you to draw in a curve

Thank you both…
I’ll look into them

iZotope Vinyl (free) not sure about automation

That’s it ! Thanx Oliver :smiley:
Yes…it did write the stop automation.
What a great little thing. VST3 & AAX to boot.

Funny, I use Steinberg’s own Loopmash via NEK for these things. So much so that I incorporated it into my HipHop/Electronic templates. Works great if you have the tempo locked into place. Impresses those clients that are fascinated by DJ effects. Plus, it does so much more then just tape stops.

Rotund ,

Thanx , but I am a post mixer and only occasionally record bands,orchestras and VOs and always live.
No VI/NEK/DJ stuff and such in my setup.