I was today years old when

… I discovered that parenthesizing snare notes to be read as “ghost” notes actually plays them back as ghost notes.

This is incredible. Dorico never ceases to amaze.


My colleagues really do go the extra mile: you can tell it’s a software made by musicians, for musicians. Thanks for sharing your positive feedback, David!


You couldn’t be more spot-on, Ms. Harris.

I keep updating a master MainStage bank for my arrangements, and have been reloading the Playback Template all this time, which voids all my mixer settings by default; an enormous headache.

Yesterday’s discovery, courtesy of the fine denizens of this forum, was the details of Library Manager, which make reloading the Template an extremely rare necessity, yet keeps my Expression Map, Playback Techniques, and Playing Techniques up to date. I’m just gobsmacked.

It’s always worth reading the Version History document when each new version comes out – even the little .10 updates.

There’s invariably loads of small but essential things that don’t always make the showcase videos.

From what I can tell, ghost notes playback was added to percussion in v. 4.0.


I do tend to peruse the Version History docs on all releases, but most don’t sink in until I actually find the need to use them. Obviously, your worthy tip to pay more attention to them is salient! :+1:t3: